Adult Swimming Lessons

People want to learn or improve their swimming for many reasons and a few genuine examples given to us by clients are listed below.

Whether you want to overcome a fear of the water, learn to swim or improve your techniques, our qualified and supportive instructors are ready to help you at any level.

Learn To Swim Love To Swim

I want to participate in a triathlon

I’m going on holiday and want to go scuba diving

I need to pass a swim test to become an air hostess

I travel frequently on business and want to enjoy the hotel facilities

I want to swim with my grand kids on holiday

I’m the only one in my family that can’t swim

I want to include swimming as part of my fitness routine

I heard swimming is great for toning the whole body

My GP suggested swimming

I nearly drowned when younger and am determined to overcome my fear



Adult Beginners Swimming Lessons

If you can’t swim it is important not to panic and you must remember that you are not alone. One in five adults across the country can’t swim and you should remember that it is never too late to learn.

Most lessons take things at a slow pace and will start off with showing you how to stand up and regain your feet, float and swim without fear before being taught specific strokes. It is important to remember that you won’t just be thrown straight in at the deep end; learning to swim is a gradual process, so do not panic if you don’t pick things up straight away.

Adult Improvers Swimming Lessons

Love to Swim also offer swimming lessons for people who can already swim but want to improve their swimming technique, or learn new strokes. Adult swimming lessons are fun, enjoyable and structured to meet the needs of the individual swimmer and to work at his/her own pace.



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