Mermaid Swimming Lessons


Mermaid Swimming Lessons

Our Mermaid swimming lessons are suitable for adults and children. All participants must be a minimum of 6 years and pass the MermaidsUK Swim Test (roughly equivalent to the Swim England Stage 5). Photos and videos of your experience may be taken. Our qualified Mermaid instructor Katherine will cover how to put on the tail, how to enter and exit the water, be able to move safely in the water, basic breath holding and some mermaid skills work, which will lead to basic routines.

You will then continue to progress onto partner and group routines, advanced movements, mermaid fitness and some basic synchronised mermaid swims. Mermaid swimming is great for improving your core strength, flexibility, stamina and balance.

The Mermaid swim course includes mono fin hire and hire of our beautiful Mermaids tail.

Our mermaid swimming lessons currently take place in the Royal Wharf development in East London which is strictly residents only. Join our mailing list to keep up to date for mermaid news and events happening near you soon!

Mermaid Birthday Parties

Book your private London Mermaids Party in London and the surrounding areas. Your Mermaid Party will include Mono fin hire and hire of our beautiful Mermaids tail.

All participants must be 6 years or plus and pass the MermaidsUK Swim Test. Photos and videos of your Mermazing day may be taken. All parties are tailored to individual needs and requests.

Celebrate your Birthday Party, Hen Party or special occasion with Katherine our certified MermaidsUK Instructor!

MermaidsUK Swim Test

  • Minimum age 6 Years old
  • Swim 25 metres comfortably
  • Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming
  • Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water
  • Be able to lift your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions
  • Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 metres

You can view a video of the swim test on YouTube via the link below

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