Swimsanity Aqua Fitness Classes


Swimsanity Aqua Fitness Classes

Swimsanity, developed in London- is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) aqua-aerobic workout. The workout system utilises inter-changeable drills- giving participants an effective, mixed ability, aqua-fitness experience every time!

Our licensed coach Jesse delivers constant feedback to keep you motivated and ensure technique is correct. Regular attendance to our classes promotes weight loss long after the workout has finished.

Suitable for all adults and mixed abilities due to the support of the water on the joints. Sessions take place in standing depth (1.2m) so you don't need to know how to swim and Jesse will be teaching the class from in the water

Whats more-

'Swimsanity classes incorporate swimming stroke techniques to help the body learn the movements required for swimming strokes. Swimsanity is not just a high intensity aqua class for men and women, it can actually help individuals start to learn to swim, just through participation in the class.'

Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Perfect for 1-2-1 & group fitness- aquatic workouts.

Our Swimsanity Aqua Fit classes currently take place in the Royal Wharf development in East London which is strictly residents only. Join our mailing list to keep up to date on Swimsanity news and events happening near you soon!

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