Female Only Swimming Lessons


Female Only Swimming Lessons

Why is it good for me?

Swimming is a low impact exercise, but will work almost every muscle in your body without putting your joints under stress. It's also a great form of physical rehabilitation.

What equipment do I need?

To get started you just need some swimwear that you feel comfortable in. We also recommend swimming goggles and a swimming cap for hygiene purposes. You may also want to invest in ear plugs.

What should I wear?

Our women-only swimming lessons are designed to make you feel more comfortable and confident, in the water and by the pool. Want to wear a t-shirt over your swimming costume? Go for it! Want to wear your dressing gown from the changing rooms to the poolside? Feel free! Bikini or Burkini. You choose! Just make sure that whatever you wear, it doesn't weigh you down or impact on your range or movement.

What should I expect?

We hire the whole pool and the women only lessons are delivered by two female teachers. There are no spectators or other people swimming, it's just you, the other pupils and the teachers. We have two groups running simultaneously. The beginners are with one teacher and the improver with the other.


Female only swimming lessons take place in Sir John Cass Secondary School, E1 0RH. Unfortunately, we cannot offer group or private lessons in any of our other locations as we do not have the same level of privacy.

Class Size

We have a maximum of 10 swimmers in the pool split between the two teachers. We usually have more beginners than improvers so we would say that the class size / class ratio is 7:1 for the beginners and 3:1 for the improvers. However, this is a rough number and as people learn to swim than may switch from the beginner group to improver group!

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